Sunday, September 5, 2010

Winner and Results of my LoveyBums Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

As my very first fluffy giveaway, and of my favorite diaper at that!, I was very nervous to draw a winner out of so many entries! I am happy I could share with you this wonderful diaper and company and I hope you all found some great things you need want from their store! But the one and only super lucky winner of the LoveyBums Hand Painted Organic Fitted Cloth Diaper is:

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orangefukurou said...

SAPsMaMa's favorite is Loveybums
SApsDaDa's favorite is GoodMama Sassy Tinkerbell diaper

Congradulations orangefukurou!!! Your large LoveyBums Hand Painted Diaper is on it's way! Can't wait to see what kind you get, I know you'll love it! :)

Now, how did you like the giveaway questions? Fun yes?! :) Want to know the results?!

Question #1:
Which hand painted fitted diaper is your favorite?


  • Frog: 10 Votes!
  • Ladybug: 6 Votes!
  • Swimming Turtle: 5 Votes!
  • Saturn: 3 Votes!
  • Blue Caterpillar: 3 Votes!
  • Salamander: 1 votes!

Question #2:
What is your favorite feature of the LoveyBums Hand Painted Organic Fitted Diaper?
  • Organic/Natural materials: 5 votes!
  • Hand Painted: 4 votes!
  • Has Snaps: 3 votes!
  • Snap in and out Soaker: 2 Vote!
  • Made in USA: 1 votes!
  • Baby-Safe Textile Paint used: 1 votes!
  • No snap comes in contact with baby: 1 Votes!
  • Softness: 1 Votes!
  • Design: 1 Votes!
  • Budget Options (this is for LoveyBums, not just Hand Painted Dipe, but loved the comment!)

Question #3:
What is your favorite diaper at LoveyBums that you would just LOVE to try?

  • Tie Dye Diaper: 7 Votes!
  • Print/OV Diapers: 6 Votes!
  • Wool Covers (in general): 2 votes!
  • Wool Interlock Covers: 1 Votes!
  • Organic Wool Cover/ Natural: 1 Votes!
  • Pull-on wool cover: 1 Votes!
  • Lightweight Wool Jersey Cover: 1 Votes!
  • Embroidered diaper: 1 Votes!
  • Sherpa Diapers: 1 Votes!
Question #4:
What other product made by LoveyBums would you LOVE to try?

  • Organic Nursing Pads: 4 Votes!
  • LBaggies sandwich and snack bags: 3 Votes!
  • Wet bags: 3 Votes!
  • Training Pants: 2 Votes! (1 vote for embroidered!)
  • LoveyBags: 2 Votes!Hemp baby salve: 1 votes!
  • Fleece Cover: 1 Votes!
Question #5:
If you could design a hand painted diaper, what would the painting be on the bum?

  • Train: 3 Votes (1 vote for a pink train!)
  • Bird: 2 Votes!
  • Puppy Dog: 2 Votes!
  • Elephant: 2 Votes!
  • Lion
  • Monkey
  • Cat
  • Owl
  • Tree
  • Monsters
  • Sheep
  • Fairy Flying over Neptune!
  • Ducky
  • Rocket ship
  • Car
  • Flowers
  • Butterflies
  • Initials! Good idea!
  • Question Mark (Since everyone asks about cloth diapers anyway! Great suggestion Diaper Dad!!)

Tally of Special Extra Entries (Let's see these numbers rise over the next how many months!)

Number of followers with Carbon Neutral Blogs: 1
Number of followers who made a donation to The Cloth Diaper Foundation: 1

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