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BumGenius Deluxe Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diaper Review

SAP's Story

BumGenius Bamboo Fitted Diapers were the very first diapers that SAP wore! When I had decided to use BumGenius 3.0 One-Sized diapers before SAP was born I knew BumGenius was one of the most trusted cloth diaper companies, and so when I realized that the one size diapers would not fit her little butt when she was born (she was under 7lbs), then I knew I had to find something else.
I wanted something that would be soft, pleasent for her to wear, very absorbant, and marketed specifically for newborns, and what I found was BumGenius Bamboo Fitted Diapers! They were not as "easy" to use as the one size diapers I had originally ordered since required an extra step of putting on a diaper cover over them, but they were cheaper than an all-in-one diaper and had all the requirements I was looking for!
We did not use these diapers right away when SAP was born, as much as we wanted to I had decided to wait a day or two. The wait was mainly due to the black, sticky mechonium poop that newborns have. This poop is very stinky, stains, and is hard to get out of fabric. Also, because we were in the hospital for the first couple days after SAP was born, they provided free diapers, thus it was easiest to use the diapers they provided. And third, there was no washing facility in the hospital, and I was recovering from giving birth, SAPsDaDa was off at police academy, SAPsNaNa was not supportive of cloth diapering and I was staying with her the first 6 weeks so I was not yet prepared to start our cloth diapering routine. And so, until the day SAP came home from the hospital, yes, she was in disposibles, and I would probly do this again in that situation.

However, the day we took SAP home from the hospital, she was in her BumGenius Bamboo Fitted Diaper! These diapers fit her very well (hence, fitted diaper haha). They were soft fabric and VERY absorbant! They made me fall in love with bamboo fabric ever since! These diapers fit under SAP's umbilical cord so they did not interfer with it's healing process at all.

We used Thirsties XS covers for these diapers, and so we only had maybe one leak while diaper and cover were on. These fitted diapers absorbed everything, even the breastmilk poo that is very runny! However, they did not keep the poo in the fitted diaper every time, as most people know breastfed babies are prone to having blow outs, I'm not sure any diaper can keep that poop in, however, the natural gussets of the diaper kept most of it in and the cover did keep it from leaking out completely so we had very few clothes changes, but we did go through more covers than we did with other diapers that needed a cover. We had 4 covers and 18 fitted diapers, and ended up doing wash every day and a half, but with SAP pooping so much as newborns do, it would have been nice to have more diapers and covers. Washing these diapers was no problem at all, the breastmilk poo was water soluable and so needed no extra cleaning steps, but not sure how they'd do for an older child on solids. The diapers never stank, although they did get some stains on them from the poo. These were easily taken care of by hanging them out in the sun to dry, and the sun bleached the stains out naturally! When we had to use the dryer in the winter to dry these diapers they did take a long time to dry as these fitteds aren't the thinnest diapers, however dryer balls reduced this drying time quite a bit, thus saving us electricity, so if you get any fitted or all in one diapers, I definatly recommend dryer balls for the winter time when you have to use a dr yer!

I definatly liked these diapers, they were especially nice on warm days, we could let SAP roll around in these on a fleece blanket and they would contain the pee, yet be breathable so she wouldn't get a rash from it being too warm in the diaper area and such. These were easy to use as they had a velcro closure and you could put them on just like a disposible diaper, no stuffing or anything, however, you still had to use a cover most of the time so there is that step, some people don't like two steps, me, I didn't care, they worked great and for the first few months of SAP's life she was rash free and didn't have chemical disposible diapers on her butt! They fit her great until she was old enough to fit into her BumGenius One sized diapers I had bought her, so I really don't know when she would have outgrown them, but they fit her for a few months no problem! The only cons I can think of was the increased drying time and the extra step of putting on a diaper cover, but I don't think those are big problems when it comes to diapers and comes with the territory of a fitted diaper. We did also get some marks on SAP's legs from her kicking alot and her legs rubbing on the leg closures of this diaper, but those went away and didn't leave any permanent marks. Fitted diapers are sometimes preferred by parents as there is less chance of leaking, the pee/poo has to get through the fitted diaper, then the diaper cover. They are also more trim and cheaper than the more expensive one-sized diaper or all-in-one diapers that are out there.


  • Type of Cloth Diaper: Fitted

  • Sizes and Weight Recommendations: XS (Extra-Small) fits from 6-12 pounds. It is intended for a newborn and fits low, below the navel, to keep the umbilical area dry. This diaper is designed to fit during that itty-bitty newborn stage.
    S (Small) fits from 8-16 pounds. This diaper is slightly larger with a higher rise than the XS. It is intended for after your baby's umbilical cord has fallen off.
    M (Medium) fits from 15 - 22 pounds.
    L (Large) fits from 22 - 30 pounds.

  • Seems you could probly skip either the XS or S size depending on size of your newborn. Also these diapers only go up to 30lbs so if your baby potty trains later or ends up being a big baby you might need a different type of diaper later on.

  • How Diaper Works/Features: This is a fitted diaper, and so it is not waterproof and requires a cover for normal use. It is one piece and does not require any special knowlege to use, just put it on like a normal disposible diaper, and it velcros on to baby to the waist size of your infant.
Style and Material

  • Material Feel: Material feels very soft against baby's skin. There is no stay dry layer so baby will feel wetness with this diaper, but the material against baby's skin is very soft.

  • Materials Used: Bamboo Terry is used mainly on this diaper and is the only material that touches your baby's skin. The soaker sewn into the fitted diaper is a microfiber terry, which is quick to absorb wetness.

  • Color/Aesthetic: This diaper is a creamy whiteish natural color of bamboo fabric and does not come in any color variations. However, you may put whatever color or patterned cover over it you wish! I like the creamy white color of bamboo, makes the diaper seem more natural that way and better for baby.

Ease of Use

  • Closures: This diaper has hook and loop (velcro) closures that easily attach for a perfect fit for any skinny or chubby baby. The closures are also double sided so that they can be attached on top of each other for the smallest newborn or skinniest of babies.

  • Similarity To Disposibles: The diaper itself is very similar to disposibles in that it is put on and closes in a very similar and easy to use fashion. However, because it requires a diaper cover it is not as similar as other diaper styles. There is no complicated snaps or size adjustments with this diaper.


  • Trimness: This is a very fit diaper, as most fitteds are. These diapers will fit very well under clothes.

  • Adjustability for Size/Absorbancy: This diaper does not have a pocket or any area to increase absorbancy. It is possible to have a doubler between the fitted and cover though, but I never needed to try it as the diaper was absorbant enough not to need any doubler. Size is not adjustable except for the waist, which is adjustable with velcro closures each time diaper is used. For new sizes you will have to go to the next sized diaper.

Performance and Functionality

  • Leaks: We had no leaks with this diaper! It was very absorbant and well fitted and so no leaks from the diaper itself. However, fitteds are only as good as the covers that are used with them, thus the preformance of this diaper would also be a reflection of the cover used with it.

  • Absorbancy: Absorbancy was excellent, we had no need for any doublers or any leaks due to lack of absorbancy. We only used this diaper when SAP was an infant up to maybe 3 months or so, so I cannot say how absorbant it is for an older infant or toddler.

  • Leg Gussets: There is elastic in the diaper around the legs that form natural gussets and help keep any messes inside the diaper, thus prolonging how many times the cover can be used.
  • Nap/Bedtime Use: These diapers worked just as well during the day as they did for naps and bed time! No leaks ever, even when SAP started to learn to roll. This is also a reflection of cover and so using a good cover could change the performance at these times but this diaper did excellent for SAP at both nap and bed times.

  • If Fit Is True: We used the size XS on SAP since she was brought home from the hospital, and this size did fit excellent from birth (between 6-7lbs) to the time she was big enough to fit into her BumGenius one sized diapers, which was about 10-12 lbs, we did not try to go past 12 lbs but had no fit issues or leaking issues at that weight so this fit and weight range was true, however, I have not tested the other sizes of this diaper. At 12 lbs the were starting to get tight around the waist of the diaper and this was an indication it was time to size up.

  • Wear and Tear: We had 18 of these diapers, washed every 1.5 days and dryed in a dryer most of the time. These diapers did show alot of wear in the laundry tabs where the velcro tabs are sapposed to stick for laundry time, thus they did not stay stuck and often caught on each otherafter a while. However, the fabric stayed in excellent shape and the rest of the velcro held wonderfully, we resold these diapers for a reasonable price and they were well usable for another infant.

Quality/Cash Analysis

  • These diapers average $12-$13 each, but can be bought in bulk packs for less per diaper and often are found on sale. For the abosorbancy of these diaper, how soft the fabric is, and how easy they are to put on, I think these are excellent quality, they have held up wonderfully and even though each size only lasts a few months, they can be used for 2-3 babies easily!

  • For a bamboo fitted diaper, this is an excellent price! You may find other fitted diapers this price or a couple bucks cheaper, but for bamboo fabric and the absorbancy you get with this diaper, the price is great. Other bamboo diapers will cost anywhere from $14-$20+ each, but these other diapers may use hemp or other organic fabrics in them, so that is a decision you would have to make. Also, this is one of the very few velcro fitted diapers, let alone velcro bamboo fitted diapers, and this makes it one of a kind! If you prefer velcro over snaps for that perfect waist fit each time, easy to use, most like a disposible diaper style, but want to go with a fitted diaper, this is the diaper for you!


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