Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Are Moving To WordPress!! Starts TODAY!!

"SAPsMaMa: Natural Parenting in the Modern World"
is moving to WordPress and changing to
"SAPsMaMa: Natural Parenting, Non-Toxic Living, and Green Choices for the Modern World!"

I know I have said this for quite a while, but the time has FINALLY come!!
Tomorrow, is my fiance and my first engagement anniversary (since we have not married yet!), and I think it is very suiting to make it the start of my WordPress blog :)

As you have seen, the Google Friend Connect on this blog has been disabled, there is no way for me to transfer a Blogger GFC to WordPress and it work correctly (since I have changed my URL), sooooo You will all have to move to WordPress with me! I find it exciting!

GFC, email subscription, RSS, Twitter, Facebook and any other buttons you may need to follow the new WordPress blog are all active! So if you have not done so already, head on over and start following! This will be my last post here on Blogger...ironically it is also my 100th post! I love when coincidences happen like that! :)

What to look forward to?

We have the Blogtastic Extravaganza Event starting Jan. 18th with over 100 participating blogs and SAPsMaMa will have over $200 of prizes, at least 4 winners, of products to help you Go Green For The New Year!

Sponsors include AppleCheeks, BumbleDoo, WildTree with Amanda, LocoMomama, The Soft Landing, Babybug Creations LLC, The Green Sheep, Miessence, and MORE still signing up! There will be 4-5 packages of prizes totaling at least $50 in each package...that's at least 4 winners!

We are also signed up for the Handmade With Love Winter Event with dozens of other blogs in early February, with SAPsMaMa's theme "SAP's Soiree: Turning 2 with Handmade Wonders"! We have 3 sponsors lined up with amazing prizes and more in the works!

And don't forget, many more cloth diaper reviews, potty training pants reviews, eco-friendly tips and tricks, ways to stay non-toxic coming your way!

I hope to see you on the other side! :)