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Givaway Win Review #1: Goodnight Songs CD

Goodnight Songs CD

SAP's Story

I won this CD as the first giveaway I had won, after entering so many, I was so excited! Most people think, meh, it's just a CD, but this one was different.

The giveaway I entered was off of Today's Giveaways Blog, where they have giveaways almost daily many kinds of things from baby and kids products to household stuff! I go to their blog often and enter their giveaways and see their product focus, they always find great stuff. Some of the giveaways they're hosting right now include the Sippy Straw Cleaner, Safety Tat Temporary Tattoo, and Alex and Ani Jewlery, including others!

Now back to the CD! I won this CD way back in early April, a busy time for my family (when isn't there a busy time? lol), lots of changes were in the planning and I thought this CD might help SAP sleep better. At daycare they use music when putting her down for naps but I like more diverse music, and for night time usually something calming. I had tried other CDs before like Baby Einstein or those cheap Walmart kids CDs, but was never too impressed with them.

This one was different!

Well, just looking at the cover I knew this CD would be different, but I fully expected it to be some african music I didn't much like or couldn't relate too, but I wanted to give it a try, so while SAPsDaDa was putting her to bed one night I decided to listen to it in the other room to deem if it would work well for SAP before trying to use if for bedtime (oh and also our boombox broke in the move so I had to use our DVD player and TV to play it lol). I sat down on the couch with a glass of wine, pushed play on our DVD remote, and started flipping through the included packet with the CD while listening to song number one: Fall.

And then after that, Hambo Lala, Halley's Comet, and 16 more!! I sat there long after SAP was asleep listening to that CD, and I started cleaning the house, and actually enjoying myself while doing it! Not only was the music calming, but it was also upbeat for some songs. Not upbeat in the "wake the kid up" type of way, but in a playful way.

The songs had a different type of sound to them, what the CD called "south african" music, what the artist, Tina Schouw, describes as "soothing, melodies for unwinding, delicious tunes to delight in and lullabies to bring the night in", which I think is a perfect description!! I have to say Hambo Lala was my favorite. Even with the different language I felt I could relate to the music, which I could probably credit to the artist for putting in the fold out packet a description about what each song is about and what her inspiration was for the song, very helpful and made the music even more meaningful!! Lyrics are also included so you can learn your favorite songs and sing them to your little one!

I very much like this CD about it left me wanting more south african music, it made me appreciate other cultures more, which is something I want to instill in SAP, and music is one way to do it! Now SAP and I listen to this CD more often than her other CDs on her bookshelf, it is much loved in our family!


Description about CD, taken from back of CD:
"In 2002, I welcomed my newborn son into the world. Due to a lack of homegrown South African songs, I hummed simple melodies to him each night which, over time, became fully-fledged songs. At five years old, my son was hungry for songs to sing so I gave myself the challenge or recording this collection. These gentle songs embrace experiences common to mothers and children around the world...It is an album lovingly put together for the child in all of us to wonder and marvel at. They are songs for soothing, melodies for unwinding, delicious tunes to delight in and lullabies to bring the night in. This gift to my son is now our gift to you."

Song List:

1. Fall
2. Hambo Lala
3. Halley's Comet
4. Ashes in the Sky
5. Beautiful Moon
6. What's the moon made of?
7. Round and Round
8. Things that go bump
9. Miss Owl
10. Pitter Patter
11. Shine
12. Venus
13. TSAU
14. Counting Stars
15. Carry me Away
16. Cwaka
17. Mamma Inyanga
18. Not Like You
19. The Goodnight Song

See the review on The Goodnight Songs CD done by Today's Giveaway Blog:
Today's Giveaway Blog Review of The Goodnight Songs CD

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A big thank you to Today's Giveaway Blog and Spunky Sprout for this giveaway, we have very much enjoyed our Goodnight Songs CD and know it will be a part of our collection for many years!

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