Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Giveaway Win Review #2: Five In A Row Baby Leggies

SAP's Story

I've been a follower of the Fitteds and Pockets and Snappies, oh my! (F&P&S, oh my!) blog for a few months now, but way back in April, it was one of the few blogs I followed regularly! They were hosting a giveaway from Five In A Row, which is a store you can find on Hyena Cart! If you are a frequent shopper of Hyena Cart you know the great things you can find there! F&P&S, oh my! was sent a pair of Baby Leggies to review, and I was quite interested in this giveaway since I had only a couple BumGenius Babylegs and wanted to see if there was a different brand that was a bit cheaper and wouldn't leave marks on SAP's legs when worn. Fortunately I won!!

Maria from F&P&S, Oh My! purchased a pair of blue stiped baby leggies from Five In a Row, and was sent an additional pair she decided to giveaw away! The ones that were given away that I won was what was referred to as an Earthy type of color, some browns and maroon shades as you can see in the picture. I am a very "eco-friendly, green, natural, tree-hugger" type of person, whatever you want to refer to me as, so this was a perfect color for me, I liked it a lot!

The Baby Leggies were sent out right away in the mail and it took but a few days to receive them at my house, which I was very happy about since we planned on moving within a couple weeks of that point and I was worried about getting any packages in the mail or losing them! But no worries at all! The baby leggies were nicely wrapped in brown tissue paper and tied with a dark brown ribbon, and I'm sorry to say, the ribbon is what won the heart of my little girl! She wanted nothing to do with those baby leggies at first, but dare I try to take away that ribbon, I'd get a screaming baby! lol. All the things she came up with to do with that ribbon, wow did it stay in her toybox for a LONG time! So kudos on the packaging! Not only did it look wonderful coming in the mail but it sure did entertain SAP!

One other thing about the packaging, it came smelling WONDERFUL. I cannot guarantee your baby leggies will smell this way, almost certainly they won't, but evidently Maria, who was running the giveaway on F&P&S Oh My!, had had the baby leggies sitting next to her Little Outlaws Baby Bee Wipe solution stars so had absorbed the smell! Oh how wonderful they smelled, I didn't want to wash them! lol But I did because I always everything before using it. This very much made me want to try the Little Outlaws but Hubby won't let me buy any wipe solution since he likes to make his own solution for SAP's wipes.

Now about the baby leggies themselves! Since my only experience with any leggies on babies was with BumGenius Baby Leggings, I expected some cheaper knockoff of the name brand, but that was far from it! The first thing I noticed was not only how well made they were, and how they actually felt thicker, softer, and more comfy than the BG BabyLegs, but the ends were made differently. One end was ribbed it looked like, reminded me of the top of a sock, which makes perfect sense, don't you think?

The other side was wider. You can see what I mean in the pictures....

I very much liked the difference in the ends, it was one of the thing I was looking for to be different in the leggies, and they appeared to be just what I wanted! I did get confused however, I wasn't sure which way they were to go on! ribbed side up like a sock? Ribbed side down so it would go around the ankle better, like some baby pants? I really didn't know! So I tried it both ways lol

It seemed that the leggies stayed up the best with the ribbing up, with the wider part at the bottom, so that's how we've been wearing them. Unlike other baby legs I've tried these did not leave awful red marks on her legs! I was very happy about that!

These baby leggies are a bit longer than the other brands of baby legs I've used, which can be a good or bad thing. Good because it will last you a log longer, your baby can wear them many more years, and with great fabric like is used, I'm sure they'd last that long even with regular use! It could be bad though cause this means they're a lot longer on little babies. Nor really a problem for wigglers, rollers, or crawlers, but for SAP, who runs runs runs around and never stops!, with the wide part down they work their way over her heal. Don't really mind this inside on the carpet since she doesn't usually wear socks anyways, these act as a type of half sock, protecting her foot yet having her toes to grip the floor, and kinds keeps her footies alittle warmer, but in the kitchen or outside, it can cause her to slip or trip, so this might be something to watch out for. When we'd go outside we'd just turn them around the other way with the wide side up and the ribbing down! See, they're versatile like that!

I would also like to point out that other brands of baby legs are alot thinner fabric, these seem to be nice fabric that won't wear out with only a few uses! She can walk on them and scuff up the knees without making holes in them! Which I know SAP will!

Now, I went to check out the Five In A Row store on Hyena Cart again since it had been a couple months since I last cruised through there and I wanted to see what they had in stock! Last April they had blue stripe, pink stripe, and these earthy tones brown and maroon striped baby leggies, but right now I went to check out their store and there is a note that they are on vacation until the end of the month! So check back in July to see any new products they have! The Baby leggies back in April costed $5 with shipping included so that is a steal for baby leggies compared to others on the market! Plus supporting a WAHM, I always love that!


  • Nice thick fabric that won't wear out quick

  • Boy, girl, and neutral colors available

  • The ribbing makes it so no red marks or irritation occurs on baby's legs

  • Effectively work well for protecting knees and keeping legs warm on cooler days

  • Might last many years since they are longer than average baby legs

  • Cheap! Only $5 per pair!
  • The wider cuff at the other end of the legging either falls down if used at top, or goes over heal and can cause slipping if used on bottom, maybe some elastic so it's not so wide might help? Or a string looped through the fabric?

  • Not a ton of color options available, but this might be different now since I have not seen their store since April.


  • Five In A Row is a Work At Home Mom store by Bambi, a mother of 5 and wife of 1!

  • Bambi would be happy to refund, repair, or replace any product you are not satisfied with!

  • The Five In A Row store has offered in the store in the past tutus, scarves, baby leggies, cashmere booties, even matching hats to the leggies!

  • The baby leggies are made out of knee socks! They remove the bottom and sew it up nice to make a baby leggie!
The Natural/Green/Eco-friendly/Toxin-Free Factor: These baby leggies are made out of knee socks instead of something new being manufactured, and you're supporting a WAHM!

SAPsDaDa's 2Cents: SAPsDaDa says he did not notice any difference from these baby leggings than any other pair we had as far as when he goes into the drawer to pull them out and use them on SAP. However, I do now he does not pick these very often as he likes pretty pink leggings for SAP alot of the time :) Daddy likes his girl to look girly! lol

See the review on the blue striped baby leggies done by Fitteds and Pockets and Snappies, Oh My! Blog HERE!

This giveaway I won from Fitteds and Pockets and Snappies, Oh My! Blog and was sponsored by Five In A Row store on Hyena Cart! Check them out when they're back from vacation!

Want a pair of Baby Leggies of your own? You can purchase Baby Leggies and more at the Five In A Row store for only $5, including shipping! What a deal!

A thank you to F&P&S, oh my! blog for hosting this giveaway, and to Five In A Row for sponsoring it! I have loved the baby leggies and find them to be one of the first pairs I grab when SAP is running around the house in her prefolds or fitteds these days! Did I mention these are great for potty training?! :)


Maria said...

They look super cute on her! The leggies were actually something I bought, and she sent the extra pair along. So, I decided to give them away! :-)

The smell was Lil Outlaws Baby Bee Wipe solution stars.

I'm glad she liked my packaging, hee hee. I joke that we should have just wrapped empty boxes for the first few Christmases, they like the paper, ribbon & boxes best, LOL!!

SAPsMaMa said...

I was going to tell you about the post but havn't had time yet today! Glad you found it and like it! I'll make some edits from the info thanks for letting me know :)

Yes she loved the packaging it was quite entertaining, I myself have considered such xmas presents but I always end up buying stuff for her anyways at least this way I can wait until xmas to give it to her! lol

Do you think you could let your followers know about the review and my blog? I'm trying to get alot more followers on here blog and my facebook fan page so that I can get some larger cloth diaper companies to agree to some reviews and giveaway! :)

Emily said...

How adorable she looks! That made my day! A girl with style! The leggings are neat, never seen those for little ones before- so cute!

I am your newest follower!

Mandee said...

Oh how cute she looks in them though! :) We received a pair of baby legs for review when my youngest was smaller. He loved wearing them, however I only put him on him when we were at home and he was crawling around the house. If I had a girl I would have put them on her all of the time! :)