Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pre-Loved Cloth Diaper Auction Event: How to win free fluff, and get cheap fluff!

Cloth Diaper Auction Event!
(Sunday November 7th 8:30pm CST)

There will be 3 parts to the event, so please read this BEFORE participating!

1. The Auction!

Diapers up for auction will be in a photo album on SAPsMaMa fan page. Each diaper will be labeled with it's own stats, a starting bid, and marked if it has a reserve price or not as well as the seller's info.
You may bid on any diaper in the album during the allowed open time
Bidding must be done in minimum of 25 cent increments
I will type DONE in each diaper up for auction at the end of the auction time, or once the reserve price is met! If reserve is not me by 30 minutes auction will continue. The individual with the highest bid above my post of DONE wins the diaper!


I will be doing a Fluff Guess Game during the auction! I will post 2 pictures during each auction (so 2 pictures during the 30 minutes each photo album of diapers is open for auction).
These pictures will be of my daughter in a fluffy cloth diaper!
Individuals will guess what diaper is on SAP's bum! The first individual to guess correctly wins!
What will you win? Winner will get 2 entries into the Nifty Nappy Giveaway (info in #3 below), and 1 extra entry each into each of my open giveaways on the SAPsMaMa Blog! Open giveaways include : Her Majesty's Closet fitted cloth diaper/cloth wipes, EcoMom $15 GC, and BumbleDoo $10 GC.

3. Freebies! Giveaways!

There will be two giveaways during this event!

The first:
One BumGenius 3.0 Cloth Diaper (pre-loved) and a pair of new wipes (made by SAPsMaMa!) will be given away! You must RSVP to this event in the events tab to be entered into this giveaways and you can only RSVP prior to the start of the event at 8:30PM CST! Winner must be present to win this prize and it will be given away at the end of the auction!

A pair of Nifty Nappy wool longies will be given away! This giveaway will be posted on the SAPsMaMa blog (link will be provided on Facebook). SAPsMaMa blog followers get one entry.
For every bid you make on diapers during the auction you will get another entry into this giveaway! You can also win entries through the Fluff Guess comment game during the auctin event!
No other entries will be valid, and all entries will be verified. Winner will be emailed post auction.

Important Info/Rules

• Bidding on diapers:

Bids must be made on picture posted of the diaper to be valid. This auction will be up for 30 minutes. If you bid, please send payment via Paypal, preferibly tonight but up to 24 hours to make payment (unless cleared otherwise with seller).

See Discussion tab for shipping and payment info.

All info on each individual diaper will be posted with the picture/auction post, please read all stats on the diaper before placing a bid, all diapers are sold as is.

Please note that many diapers will have "Reserve" prices. Bidding will go for 30 minutes, or until Reserve price is hit.

Happy Bidding! I will be watching MY clock for the 30 minute mark...I will type CLOSED and the person with the highest bid will be the winner.

• If you are selling your diapers please get me this info at least 5 Days BEFORE the event!

I am looking for includes:

Pictures of insides and outsides of diaper, each diaper needs its own individual picture.
Stats on the diaper: Type and color and size of diaper, how long it was used, what detergent it was washed in, was it ever bleached, was it line dried or dried in a dryer most of the time
Your paypal address for the winner to pay you for the diaper
How much you'd like to start off the bid at for each diaper
Any other info you think would be helpful!

• Regarding shipping:

Shipping will be included in the auction price of the diapers for bidders in the same country as the seller. For example, for diapers being sold by sellers in the US, shipping will be included in auction price to those bidding and residing in the US. Canadian individuals etc. may still bid on the item but will need to cover the extra shipping cost. This applies vis-versa as well for Canadian sellers/US bidders! Any question please feel free to message me before the event! :)

• Regarding payment for diapers/items:

Buyer will send seller payment within 48 hours of purchase. To do so, use PayPal and send the money under the "Personal" tab. Also ensure payment is fully funded through paypal funds or direct transfer from a bank account. This ensures that no extra fees are applied to buyer or seller! If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Here is the paypal info for anyone curious, and I encourage everyone interested in purchasing to sign up for a FREE Paypal account!

Free vs. Fees

In some cases, it’s free to Send Money. Sometimes there are fees. Here’s how it breaks down. https://cms.paypal.com/cgi-bin/marketingweb?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=marketing_us%2Fsend_money_fees

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