Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Events Coming Up!!

The holidays are fast approaching! In the blogging world, that means lots of events and gift lists!!

SAPsMaMa is participating in 2 events this December to celebrate the holidays, featuring some of our favorite sponsors, ones that SAPsMaMa thinks will make wonderful holiday gifts for your loved ones!

Event #1: Santa's Blowout!

When: Santa's Blowout will take place from Dec. 1st-Dec. 8th, involving 6 blogs!

Sponsor: Insect Shield!

Prizes: 2 packages/prizes/winners. Each package will include 1 insect shield bandanna, 1 insect shield net

ARV of prizes: $61 / package, Total $122

Event #2: Holiday Gift Giving Event

When: December 1st - December 5th, involving about 200 blogs!

Sponsors: Two Sponsors! AppleCheeks and CSN Stores!

Prizes: Two Prizes! 1 Gift Certificate ($55) from CSN Stores, 1 Gift Certificate of $25 from AppleCheeks!


Both of these events run at the same time, but each has different themes and sponsors, each has different amount of blogs involved and prizes! Entries into these giveaways will be very simple, and the amount of extra entries offered will be greatly reduced so that you will have time to move to all the other blogs involved in the event!

No other posts will post during the duration of these events from December 1-December 8th so they will be easy to find on the blog! :)

Look for some pre-posts with info on the sponsors! Very interested, eco-friendly, green, non-toxic sponsors we have with us and I'm very happy to have them featured on SAPsMaMa! Show them lots of love!

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