Friday, August 6, 2010

The Ying and Yang of life, and Help the Cloth Diaper Foundation Please!

First, the Ying and Yang of life...

So yesterday I got in my very first car accident. Really shook me up. Rush hour on a busy hwy going home, just trying to get something to eat before SAP's very first play date with a friend.

Got stuck in the median trying to turn, lady cuts me off, I"m stuck with my front end sticking into traffic, two trucks coming down on me in both I back up a bit. This all happens in just a second or two. Back up to avoid a front end collision, but evidently guy behind me had pulled forward in anticipation of me going. So I back into him!
No one was hurt, few scratches on my bumper, saw nothing wrong at all on his car, we have insurence, so it should all be ok. Just shaken up, could have been soooo much worse!

Get home, in a bad mood, upset, put SAP to bed...and she DOESN'T WANT TO BE ROCKED. We've let her put herself to sleep this past month but still rocked her for a minute or two after story time. NO. She hugs daddy night night, then whines and pulls toward the crib, I lay her down, she cuddles with her pillow sucking her thumb ready to go to sleep. My baby is growing up, doesn't want to be rocked to sleep any more :( :( So sad, yet impressed with her progress!

Get online for my usual thursday Twitter parties by Eco Chic Parties or #healthychild, go on facebook to check what's happening on there. Post by ERGO backpacks, 30 minutes till end of contest, 28 minutes ago! I send them a quick email not expecting to even get in the drawing....and I win!!! Out of about 1500 entries I WON A GALAXY ERGO BACKPACK!!

So talk about the Ying and Yang of life huh? Glad my night wasn't all bad and sad!

Now onto a different topic, someone very important in the cloth diapering world is on hardship!

The cloth diaper foundation is a wonderful foundation that helps families in need build their cloth diapering stash! They have helped so many families and it's time we help them!

They've recently sent out this announcement:

ANNOUNCEMENT: ¨After processing the current diaper loan packages, we will be taking a sabbatical for an undetermined amount of time due to lack of funding. We currently need at least $300 per month to stay open for business, and we receive less than $20 monthly.

How sad is it that they do not get more than $20 a month when they need $300 a month to stay afloat? $300 is not that much for a non-profit org to ask for!

Let's show them some love!

Head on over to the Cloth Diapering Foundation Facebook Page right now, there is alot of information on many companies donating to help the CDF, as well as running specials such as if you order from them so much percent of proceeds will go to the CDF, so if you need to place an order, think of these companies first!

Want a very easy way to donate? On the Cloth Diaper Foundation's website they have a very easy way to donate online through paypal! You may even receive a receipt for tax purposes! Check it out HERE NOW!!

I really hate I don't have my giveaways typed up right now, but the next giveaway, getting posted this weekend or early next week, YOU WILL LOVE, I promise you that! I love it! It's a very fluffy giveaway! Anyone that donates, no matter the amount or way you donate, will be given 10 extra entries into this giveaway! I know times are tough but we have to keep organizations like this around, I know you all care just as much as I do!

Please comment here if you donate and email to me verification of the donation in some form, and THANK YOU!!


TheGirl said...

Thanks for the comment on my post! I came here to read this one and I'm so glad you won the Ergo, I am a huge fan of the Ergo carrier!

I do believe in threes, it does generally happen that way. For the record, the girl who did the work is actually someone I do know although we live far apart and only talk online, so i felt ok giving her the password. never did I think it would be mistreated.

karma will fix it all, karma always does.

Anonymous said...

That's amazing that you won the Ergo, congrats! I've heard they are great, hope you enjoy it!